The Intelligent Digital Renewable Energy Communities (idrECO) project collects several disciplines to research on new use cases and business modes emerging from such digitally- boosted RECs, not only from a Technological and Economical viewpoint, but also from a Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) perspective, proposing original solutions for their operation and management through digital technologies fuelled by computational intelligence, and improving their flexibility by using REC-oriented battery energy storage systems (REC-BESS).

The idrECO project consists of 3 sub-projects, each coordinated by a university:

Figure 1 aims to capture the idrECO project concept and the technology areas involved:

idrECO project concept

Figure 1. Conceptual description of the technology layers forming the idrECO project.


  • Digital twin for RECs
  • Intelligent tools and methodologies
  • Real-time power system models
  • Real-time parametric agents models
  • Real, virtual and hybrid objects connection
  • Dedicated APIs
  • Virtual and augmented reality


  • EFLEXDIM platform
  • APIs and common information models
  • Interoperable data exchange orchestrator
  • Blockchain and Smart Contracts
  • Green cryptotokens Containers for intelligent tools based on AI and ML
  • User HMI’s


  • Hierarchical edge and fog controllers
  • Wide-area measurement system and smart meters
  • Renewable generation
  • Elastic and inelastic demand
  • EV chargers
  • Real-time power system’s signals from SCADA

Funding bodies